Enfin, cela donne quand même un vélo lourd, et avec un ray

Enfin, cela donne quand même un vélo lourd, et avec un rayon de braquage vraiment pas terrible... mais c'est une "pure" direction arrière qui roule de manière stable... le dernier problème est qu'il faut être tres précis dans l'allignement et mise a niveau des 4 pivots. Puis le système de la transmition de la direction devrait être amélioré et allègé.

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Parbleu Félicitations! Si ca marche vraiment bien, tu auras découvert la Pierre Philosophale de la direction arrière.
J'ai toujours cru ceux qui étaient supposés de le savoir, que c'était impossible.... espérons que tu puisses nous prouver le contraire.

Courage et Bonne chance,


Écrit par : Brecht | 25/10/2004

rear wheel steering hi,

browsing on the internet i found some people with a shared interest
and/or shared experiences, i will try send this mail to all of you good people.

Laurent Dechenne, Belgium, http://les-velos-de-laurent.skynetblogs.be/
Erik Wannee, Netherlands, erik@wannee.nl
Åke Gustavson, Finland, http://www.abo.fi/~agustavs/adress.html

and i am
Dirk Jan Luiting, Sweden, djl@nupi.nl (although orig. Netherlands)

i am also thinking of solutions for recumbents,
interested in rearwheel steering.

- would it be possible to make a rear wheel steered bike,
with frontwheeldrive, mostly footsteered, that would be stable to start and drive?

some bike links

python, very interesting project, also look at their mailinglist;

take special note of this entry;
Michael Rienstra made an attempt for an alternative steering concept,
a bit like the one i propose, but not dual system,
therefore problematic, because you cannot steer the bike as the wheel hits the insides of your thighs
(see my dual system, next page)

my bike page (Dirk Jan Luiting);
my idea, about dual steering concept, hoping to solve some stability problems; follow links in side menu
(you first have to see python concept in order to understand steering concept)
maybe this concept could be used to solve inherent problems with rear steering?

very active bike builder who implemented a type of steering i propose
for rear wheel steering, but not dual steering mechanism (Laurent Dechenne)

more about rear steering concept (Erik Wannee);

Åke Gustavson page;

the python concept i like very much,
but i am attracted to rear wheel steering as it might offer;
- steering construction in a place behind seat, where there is "empty space".
- undesturbed steering, no interference from pedaling action.

are you people interested in this line of thought?
lets email each other with some thoughts.

Écrit par : dirk jan luiting | 22/10/2005

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